Galaxy Tab AT&T service pricing revealed? iPad is cheaper

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is looking like it will be the first competitive Android tablet to hit the market, but its ultimate success is going to depend on pricing. As with any mobile product, pricing isn’t just a matter of what consumers pay for the the device, it’s also about what they pay for data.
While the first is generally the more important of the two, we all know that high data prices can really hurt a product.
Android Guys has posted the rumored pricing on the Galaxy Tab’s a la carte data packages. These are plans are for AT&T, which makes them extra interesting as the GTab’s main competitor–the iPad–is on AT&T as well.
Let’s not forget that the iPad happens to have contract-free plans priced at $14.99 for 250MB over 30 days and 2GB for $25.
Here is the pricing the site uncovered:
  • $15/100MB for 1 day
  • $30/300MB for 7 days
  • $50/1GB for 30 days
If true, these don’t bode well for the GTab. The data prices are considerably more than the iPad and the time limits are downright painful. Hopefully other carriers will come in cheaper than this, after all the Galaxy Tab will be their premier tablet this holiday season, but this isn’t a good sign.
We’ll just have to see how much the GTab sells for on and off contract. Pricing issues could make for a painful start for what is looking like a very capable tablet.

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