samsung galaxy s 600x270 Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, a Nice Android Phone
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Samsung has released a new Android phone on June 2010, yeah, that is Samsung I9000 Galaxy. It’s an Android phone that has many features, even many people claim Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is a new rival for iPhone4. Samsung I9000 Galaxy S has a similar shape to iPhone4, their dimensions differ by only a few millimeters.
galaxys2 Samsung Galaxy S2 Specs and Features [2GHz Phone]Surely you already know about Samsung Galaxy S, it’s very impressive and many people think Galaxy S is the iPhone killer. And now, Samsung plans to release Galaxy S2 (i9200) in early 2011. This will be the first 2GHz phone from Samsung, and it will use Android 3.0 a.k.a Gingerbread.
Samsung gets generous with free Galaxy Tab entertainment bundle. Tablets, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Tab,  0Samsung has announced the availability of a free entertainment package worth £200 for anyone buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab before Christmas.
Admittedly pretty pricey for a Christmas present, if you're thinking of forking out the £400-odd for the new Android tablet then you'll be pleased to hear that a load of free music, movies, games and ebooks will be bundled in with the device.

Samsung Nexus S vs HTC Nexus One. Mobile phones, Samsung, Samsung Nexus S, HTC, Google, Nexus One, Android, Android 2.3, gingerbread,  0
Samsung has just announced the very first Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone, with the launch of its Nexus S. The new smartphone will be out in time for Christmas at the Carphone Warehouse and is Google's second branded handset after HTC developed the Nexus One for the search giant earlier this year. But if you've already got a Nexus One, should you be jealous? And is it worth upgrading? We take an in-depth look at the specs to see if Samsung can live up to the standards set by the Nexus name.

Android 2.3: Expect your phone to predict the weather

If you own an HTC Android-powered smartphone, then you know how much you love the weather. It’s one of Britain’s favourite pastimes and one of the phone's defining elements, but expect the weather feature on your phone to get a lot better thanks to a new tools offering by Google, in its latest Android 2.3 update.
Although no phone on the market, including the yet to be released Samsung Nexus S, features a barometer, Google has added support for such a sensor if manufacturers want to add it to the spec list.
For those of you who fell asleep in physics at school, a barometer is a scientific instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure.

Samsung Nexus S vs Samsung Galaxy S. Mobile phones, Samsung, Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S, Android, Android 2.3,  0

The very first Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone has just been made official - in the shape of the Samsung Nexus S. The new smartphone will be out in time for Christmas at the Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy and is Google's second "own branded" handset after HTC developed the Nexus One for the search giant earlier this year. But, how does it compare to Samsung's current flagship handset - the Galaxy S? We engaged the two in a tense spec-off to see which looks like the better option.

LG Optimus 7 vs Samsung Omnia 7
26 November 2010 11:00 GMT / By Libby Plummer

As the mad rush that followed the highly anticipated launch of Windows Phone 7 has more or less died down, it's now time to step back and and take a good look at the handsets to decide whether you want to invest in one or not. We've already seen the LG Optimus 7 pitched against HTC's 7 Trophy, but how will it compare when it stands toe-to-toe with its main rival from Samsung? With its big, 4-inch AMOLED screen, the Omnia 7 has set itself apart from the pack. But, which is the better phone? We engaged the two handsets in a tense spec-off to see which came out best...

Samsung Wave 723Samsung today announced the launch of the Wave 723 (Model : GT-S7320E), the newest smart phone based on its open smart phone platform, Samsung bada. The device reinforces Samsung’s commitment to democratizing the smart phone market and enabling access for all. Through the launch of the Wave 723, Samsung will deliver a remarkable smart phone experience to a broader demographic of users.

Awaited for the upcoming weeks, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been offered a new video demonstration by Samsung, that features a first look at many of the different possibilities that the tablet has to offer. This "official live demo" gives the possibility to enjoy the email client features on the tablet, but also the e-reader possibilities, Google Maps and the Music Hub. A good preview for those who are looking forward to buy this Galaxy Tab, the first real challenger of Apple's iPad.