My Experience with SEO

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It's my first year of experience with SEO (( Search Engine Optimization )) and google search engine, but I can say what I got all this time, or what's the SEO for me, you know when you have an animal or a bird to bread if you took care of It It will grow in the right way, like when I've a dog I keep taking care of It feeding it and take It to the doctor and do all what I should do to avoid being hurt of being sick, if you do that It will grow but if you neglected it It will be so weak and maybe It would die, the same with your website SEO.

you choose the decent domain for your website which describe what will this website talk about .. then you will begin to to work inside your website and optimize It no frames and no flash put the ALT for all the images that your website contains, then begin to write your unique content, make It simple, give your visitors good information write informative articles which talks about your website goals and aims and you will see the progress, build your Internal backlinks.

after that fly out like a bird tweeting your links between the other websites spread your articles and build you external backlinks and be wise when you do that, do not build a lot of useless links in useless websites, you should choose the websites that you want to put a backlink in, choose the websites which related to your website in Its goals, like when you want to put backlinks for your website which talk about the mobile phones put it in a website for Nokia for example or Samsung, It will be more useful than putting It in games website, also check the page rank for the website and choose the higher valued, and don't act like a spammer

Google divides the websites for 3 types .. the first type is the friends and when we talk about them we should describe them first .. friends are acting perfectly they do everything in a good way they choose the good domain they write the unique content they build their backlinks carefully and wisely they are avoiding the black tricks which we call " the Black SEO " ..

when we talk about the black SEO we will talk about the second type " Google enemies " and we can say that they use the black SEO or the bad SEO using programs to help them like building a lot of backlinks google considers them spammers , also they don't write their own content but depends on " Copying and Pasting " Google doesn't look for them otherwise Google decreases their ranks we can say that " Google Punishes them ".

now we will talk about the third type and I'll give an example , you have friends and you have enemies and you have people who you don't feel that they are exist, their exist will never make a change either their absence

It was my personal view about SEO don't know maybe I was right and maybe I was wrong or maybe some was right and the rest was wrong, but I'm telling what I understood after 1 year of experience with SEO .. by the way in this year I got a 3/10 PR website ranked